Kazakça için Kiril-Latin Harf Çevirisine Hoşgeldiniz

Wellcome to the Cyrill-Latin Transliterator for Qazaq This page contains a draft Latin alphabet proposal for Qazaq and a transliteration (converter) from the current Qazaq Cyrillic Alphabet to our Proposed Latin Alphabet. The transliteration is basically an enhanced converter with a few modifications which includes the Qazaq vowel harmony phonetic rule, y /j/ insertion between 2 vowels, etc. The proposed alphabet is in no way a final proposal. Instead it is first draft that could be used to point out the problem with the last official Latin Alphabet proposed. The basic idea behind the proposed alphabet is that it only contains the letters for the sounds in Qazaq. Therefore it is сonsiderable smaller than the official proposal. Another difference is that it doesn’t contain any diphtongs such as sh /ʃ/ or ch /tɕ/. On the other hand it has a lot in common with the official proposal including the use of accent diacritical mark as in some letters as shown above.